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Design Systems

Established since 1999, Design Systems Ltd is a versatile interior and industrial design studio that provides consultancy services in the areas of corporate office, branding and commercial retail, hospitality and restaurant, public space and urban furniture, exhibition, signage and art installation design.

We are based in Hong Kong with a branch office in Shenzhen, China.


  • Architects
  • Design Systems
  • Area
  • 1500 sqm
  • Project Year
  • 2015
  • Photographs
  • Matteo Carcelli

This boutique hotel quietly dwells in a local neighbourhood that enjoys moderate distance yet convenience to the bustling CBD while offering an authentic Hong Kong experience with local eateries, market, old buildings, temples and scenery of the Hong Kong Island along the tramways. The hotel is intended to be a getaway from the hustles of the surrounding and the chaos of life. It is a world of tranquillity upon the travellers' arrival and entry into the space.

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The Hong Kong Asia Society the architects to create a land mark building as a home for their new head quarters. The resultis a magnificent architectural feat and anopportunity for unique and creative interior experiment.

Plinth House
LAND Arquitectos

The commission was a house for a surfer and his family that would rescue typical elements of the architecture of the area in a contemporary way, and to create spaces protected from the cold southern wind (a constant in the area) and management of the afternoon sunlight, without impairing the view to Punta de Lobos (surf point) in this same direction.

Catch The Views House
LAND Arquitectos

Catch the Views House is originated from an intention of capturing and framing the different existing views at the inside spaces toward the sea and surrounding landscape. To achieve this initial objective, plus considering the strong slope of the site, we arrange and stacked one above the other a set of volumes directed to the selected views from a previous view-shed study. Arranging the interior and exterior program in relation with sunlight and wind exposure, and interconnectedness of the spaces.

Open House
Architects EAT

This project sets out to explore the physical and tactile language of building materials. Using timber as the basis we explored how particular materials responded to touch, sight, sound, weight and patina; while investigating and interpreting their interaction with natural lights and shadows.

Loughloughan Barn
McGarry-Moon Architects

This unassuming residence is a responsive configuration of skilfully contained views from the interior the manipulation of natural light combined with fluid, informal spaces allowing us to create architecture that has some dramatic moments but does not overly dominate the character of the existing stone barn.

Carlota Hotel

This project had as its starting point a project of urban archeology. There was nothing left of that hotel other than the typical structure of a motel with exterior corridors overlooking the courtyard as well as countless layers of coatings, aggregates, steps, and ceilings. Today the hotel has 36 rooms, each with a special touch.