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Yamazaki Kentaro Design Workshop

2017 Architectural Institute of Japan. Selected Architectural Designs 2017
2016 GERMAN DESIGN AWARD 2017 Prize Winner(Germany)
2016 SD Review 2016
2016 The American Architecture Prize Winner(USA)
2016 ICONIC AWARDS 2016 interior winner(Germany)
2016 LEAF Awards 2016 Best Sustainable Development(London)
2016 International Architecture Award (Chicago)
2016 Association for Children's Environment award
2016 Tokyo Association of Architectural Firms Merit Award
2016 JCD DESIGN AWARD 2016 Best100
2016 Japan Stainless Steel Association Prize special prize
2016 The 22th Chiba prefecture Architectural Culture Awards
2016 The 19th Saga City Landscape Design Award
2015 Architecture in Kyusyu Prize
2015 IIDA Global Excellence Awards (USA)
2015 AR Emerging Architecture Awards 2015 Commended(London)
2015 WAN House of the Year award 2015 commended (London)
2015 The Japan Institute of Architects. Selected Architectural Designs + On-Site Review
2015 Design For Asia Awards 2015 Silver Award (Hong Kong)
2015 Design For Asia Awards 2015 Bronze Award (Hong Kong)
2015 JID AWARD 2015 Category award + Guest Examination Committee Award
2015 KIDS DESIGN AWARD 2015 Chairman Prize
2015 JCD DESIGN AWARD 2015 Silver Award
2015 JCD DESIGN AWARD 2015 Best100
2015 Architectural Institute of Japan. Selected Architectural Designs Young Architects Award
2014 IIDA Global Excellence Award (USA)
2014 Design For Asia Awards 2014 (Hong Kong)
2014 The Japan Institute of Architects. Selected Architectural Designs
2014 Architectural Institute of Japan. Selected Architectural Designs
2014 Architecture in Kyusyu Prize
2014 Japan Association of Architectural firms award. Chairman Prize
2014 JCD DESIGN AWARD 2014. Best100
2014 International Architecture Award (Chicago)
2014 EuroShop // JAPANSHOP Award. First Prize
2013 Japan Stainless Steel Association Priza special prize special prize
2012 Japan Stainless Steel Association Priza special prize special prize
2011 BEST HOUSE OF MODERN LIVING 2011 Special Award
2011 JCD DESIGN AWARD 2011. Silver Award
2009 The 16th Chiba prefecture Architectural Culture Awards
2008 Setagaya-ku enbironmental commendation prize

  • Architects
  • Yamazaki Kentaro Design Workshop
  • Area
  • 84 sqm
  • Project Year
  • 2013
  • Photographs
  • Nahoko Koide

Itoman Gyomin Syokudo

The Itoman Gyomin Shokudo, located in Itoman, Okinawa was conceived with the aim of supporting and promoting the local tradition and culture through its cuisine.
The restaurant is covered in Ryukyu limestone and was constructed as part of a "masonry workshop" organized by the project collaborators.
The fishermen in Itoman often constructed their own fishery grounds by hand using Ryukyu limestone. For this reason, we adopted the traditional construction method of "Nozura-Zatsuzumi" to construct the facade with the help of local workshop participants. Using the techniques of their ancestors they have imbued the structure with the pride and love of fishermen.

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Olivomare Restaurant
Pierluigi Piu

Olivomare is one of a handful of restaurants encompassed by the London brand Olivo. Each restaurant offers a unique menu, and Olivomare offers a premiere seafood-only based selection of foods. The decor is meant to reflect the elegant simplicity of the dishes being prepared. The restaurant is primarily clad in white, exuding a pristine and contemporary atmosphere. The lighting is soft, indirect and ambient, like that of sunlight as seen from underwater. It flows down recessed edges in the ceiling, permeates through an overhead skylight and filters between a tentacle-like ceiling detail. The modern interior repeatedly uses patterns and textures that reference an underwater seascape. The wall of the lobby uses a white, diamond-shaped partition reminiscent of fishing nets. Opposite of the partition is the main dining room with a bold accent wall of what appears to be a condensed school of fish, the pattern inspired by Escher. Another section of the dining room is engulfed in a white, undulating wall, evoking the sandy surface of a windswept beach. Lastly, the bathroom area reinterprets a coral reef in large, scaled red patterning.

Ace Hotel Downtown LA

Ace Hotel Downtown Los Angeles opens in the historic United Artists building in Downtown LA. Built in 1927 for the maverick film studio, the ornate, storied theatre and tower stand as monuments to a group of seminal American artists pushing out on their own, and anchors the Broadway Theater District’s modern renaissance. United Artists co-founder Mary Pickford's love for the ornate detail and stone spires of Spanish castles and cathedrals is manifest at the theatre. It’s a true temple of the arts. The mixture of reverent awe and irreverent independence.

Into the Light Hotel

Responding to the challenge to create a space that would bring together all that is best in a hotel which is integrated in the Greek landscape and at the same time derives from it, A31 focused on the Greek Light, drawing inspiration for creation and functionality. The materials used are aligned with the essentialism that can be detected in the scenery, allowing to the light and its natural advantage to emerge and thrive. At the same time, the use of slim materials is consistent with the new construction ethics that prevent excess usage of raw materials, while making the building eco-wiser and lighter.

Enjoy Concrete HQ
Govaert & Vanhoutte Architects

Enjoy Concrete produces and installs architectural prefabricated concrete elements. The brief for their new corporate building was to combine a production hanger together with offices, while integrating their own product within the building. Being on a strategic point in between an industrial estate and a green canal, they wanted to be seen by the passing traffic, as well as to become a transition from green to industrial.

TPG Architecture

After a successful teaming for the design of their Boston headquarters, MullenLowe engaged TPG Architecture to design its new office in Winston-Salem, NC: a 37,500 square foot space in the city’s newly developed Wake Forest Innovation Quarter. The office design was an opportunity to create a strong communications touchpoint expressing MullenLowe’s identity as a “challenger” in the advertising industry, a scrappy do-everything ad firm with a global reach. The design concept was to respect and celebrate the existing structure, leaving the walls and ceiling untouched by using floating free forms – rectangular boxes built between the columns – to create space within the space.


The clients approached SAOTA to design a family holiday home that responded to the site, especially the views. They wanted a relaxing, yet elegant home that would be comfortable when entertaining many guests whilst also feeling intimate and cosy when it’s only one or two of them in the house. The house was conceived as a simple box, floating over the dune, capturing and framing the view. The outer shell of the box is finished in a rough textured concrete, contrasting with the smooth reveal and soffit that tapers to create a delicate frame.