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Our story began in 2004, when studio's founder Volodymyr Nepyivoda and art director Dmytro Bonesko united their efforts and brought together talented architects and designers. Today we work predominantly in the sphere of commercial design and create projects in hospitality sector: hotels, restaurants, cafes and bars.

Taking on any new project, we want to become a reliable partner who is familiar with restaurant business and shares Client's vision. First of all, we search the idea which will be borne in people's mind and bring long-standing customers to you. To create a perfect image of the object, we design individually furniture, lighting and decoration, implement experimental solutions, create naming, graphic design and dishes serving.

Today we have the best restaurants in our portfolio and successful restaurateurs and hoteliers among our Clients. Our projects are published in famous magazines and win prestigious competitions. But the most important thing is that they bring our Clients love and loyalty of the guests. 


  • Architects
  • YOD
  • Project Team
  • PRAVDA design
  • Area
  • 400 sqm
  • Project Year
  • 2016
  • Photographs
  • Andrey Avdeenko

The new restaurant EAST is located in the historical center of Kiev. Once there was Porto Maltese fish restaurant which was famous for the quality of food and professional staff from Serbia. In due time, the institution was a leader among fish restaurants of the capital. Nevertheless, everything changes and Porto was not an exception. Having chosen the pan-Asian direction, the owner decided to change not only the cuisine, but also an interior.
Starting to work on the next pan-Asian cuisine restaurant, we wanted to create a truly cosmopolitan space that is not attached to any particular region. We successfully reproduced an image of the pan-Asian restaurant through Eastern philosophy which unites different countries and cultures. Thus, this establishment reflects the main natural elements of the East – stone, wood, water, fire and metal.
The whole interior is based on the few bright details such as tabletops from the palm oak solid mass. A tree itself is so unique and original that actually it was the main reason to choose so strict and discreet format of design. Working with a limited number of materials we played on contrasts and tactile sensations. Thus, there appeared unique felt lighting fittings of individual work on a ceiling which contrasted with a natural rusty covering. Made in the form of stones, they are at the same time soft and pleasant to the touch.
The element of water found its reflection in the bathroom. The first thing the guest sees, coming to the anteroom, is an unusual mirror made in the form of a drop. Above the washbasin there are three taps sat different levels, and when you bring your hands to a sensor, water starts streaming down slowly. There is a special esthetics in such solutions: during those few seconds when water is reaching the last tap, the visitor is not simply waiting for it but involuntarily becoming a true fan of the EAST restaurant.

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