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Marketa Bromova
Myslíkova 1922/9, Nové Město, 110 00 Praha-Praha 1, Česká republika

+420 776 226 208


The essence of my work is to understand the needs and lifestyle of the client. The client comes first. I believe that thorough preparation yields excellent results.

I offer comprehensive processing architectural orders. We develop architectural and volume studies, planning and construction management, and design documentation, offering comprehensive services in the area of building preparation, engineering and providing author supervision during construction. When processing all orders I collaborate with experts and engineers and fully represent the client in the process.

Projects Marketa Bromova

Triplex Apartment in Prague
Marketa Bromova

The client asked us to design a refurbishment of an existing triplex with great views and his brief was to create a modern living inspired by American mid-century interiors. Our approach was to keep the interior space clean and simple in shapes and put an emphasis on the surfaces. We tried to minimize all details and hide technical fittings in order to support the natural texture or decor of the materials and their visual and haptic qualities.