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Bay Road, Sandringham, Victoria, Australia

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In association with architects Pleysier Perkins, we provide a holistic service including architecture, interior design, cost planning, permit acquisition, building documentation and construction.
We offer a wide range of pre-designed houses or a custom architectural design service.
The pre-designed houses are the result of a rigorous collaboration between Pleysier Perkins and InForm. The result is therefore always unique and considered, tailored to suit our clients’ tastes and requirements.
InForm has had 22 years’ experience developing trade and contractor relationships, as well as refining processes and methodologies, which ensure cost efficiencies and consistent quality construction.
Our aim is to produce superbly designed and constructed houses for our clients in the most efficient and intelligent way possible.

Projects InForm

Brighton House

This five-bedroom family home, custom designed in collaboration with our clients, is located in the Bayside suburb of Brighton. The central circulation spine, full height glazing, double height internal voids and deep rear loggia are features of the Quad concept. The floor plan maximises the width of the house, thereby maximising the depth of the north facing rear garden and pool enclosure.