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Tychy, Poland

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In our work we always carefully analyze the requirements and possibilities of the investor as well as the advantages and restrictions set location. .

We have to his credit a number of multidiscipline projects single-family houses, multi-family, as well as public buildings commercial.
We are involved also in the shares of the non-profit organization associated with the urban space.

Our work often are noticed, appreciated, published and awarded, but the biggest value for us is that great serve its users.

Projects RS+

House in Krostoszowice

The surrounding landscape interested us more than unexciting development context. Hilly area and forest in the background has become a main point of reference. The building fits to existing topography, concides with the landscape. House is open towards the most interesting views and separate from the nearest buildings. From the street we can see single-storey building with garage and glass foyer between. This characteristic body of the buildings have a required by the local law sloping roofs, they are covered totally with slate. Under the upper terrace, at the ground level is second, fully covered terrace. Exterior cantilevered stairs link both terraces